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AT Labour Hire was established in 2019 and provides labour hire services to the construction and building industry in Sydney. ATLH is a technology first labour hire business with extensive experience in providing general and highly skilled and licenced labourers for a wide range of projects in Sydney.
We ensure that our staff are passionate and efficient in all work that is completed and that they are fully qualified for the work provided.
We promise an extra-ordinary outlay of work and an unmatched level of care and efficiency with every job. We are timely, trusted and approachable.

No matter the size of the job, from 4 hours, to multi-week projects, AT Labour Hire can help you get your project done, on time, and within budget.

The AT Labour Hire Team

The AT Labour Hire team is here to help you complete your next project. 

The AT Labour Hire Advantage

While ATLH specialises in general and skilled labour hire, we do also offer a wide range of other labour services. ATLH is a technology-led labour hire service that leverages advanced technology through partnerships with Alloc8 and Marmalade, offering streamlined workforce management solutions for the construction industry.

With Alloc8's scheduling software, labour allocation and management becomes simple and efficient, ensuring transparency and auditability of timesheets in real-time.

Marmalade's payment platform guarantees prompt and secure transactions, eliminating delays in invoice processing, offering zero-fee online payments using a range of merchants including American Express. With transparent tracking and reporting features, ATLH provides unparalleled visibility and control over projects, empowering clients to navigate construction workforce challenges with confidence. Experience the ATLH Advantage today and redefine the future of labour hire effortlessly.

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