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Traffic Control Companies in Sydney

Use Traffic Control Companies in Sydney for Construction Sites

Any roadworks or construction require the redirection of motorists, hence the necessity for traffic control companies in Sydney. One such company is AT Labour Hire as we provide a traffic team that are fully ticketed, experienced, and available to work around the clock. While you’re focused on the job at hand and managing the project, there is a call for an effective traffic control plan. Civilians must be steered away from construction sites to prevent injuries or worse. Hence, implementing workforce traffic control is essential.

Benefits of Construction Traffic Control

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over $45 billion worth of construction was conducted in the quarter of December 2016 around the country. To put that into perspective, any town or city had some sort of construction project ongoing. Whether it’s building a new house, renovating massive infrastructure, or working on the roads, there is a need for traffic control in Sydney.

  • Construction sites are filled with various components. These could obstruct pedestrians or motorists, which is why a plan is required. According to the Health and Safety executives, most accidents occur at the entry and exits points of a construction site. This is where motorists and pedestrians intersect with the site and, unfortunately, cause the most incidents. Components such as temporary barriers and scaffolding are a distraction to drivers. Placing a traffic controller at those points allows both pedestrians and motorists to pass through with minimal distraction.

  • You would have noticed various signs around a construction site. Those are in place for safety reasons. Signage demarcates the areas where pedestrians are allowed or not. Flashing lights and bright barriers are used to guide motorists, especially at night, when visibility is low. It’s imperative to clearly mark the speed limits, parking spaces, and the correct path for pedestrians to follow. Adding signage and a qualified traffic officer prevents accidents.

  • Hiring traffic control companies to provide solutions around a construction site benefits your workers and saves you money. Any accidents that may occur as a result of a building site will increase your insurance premiums and insurance companies will regard you as a risk when assessing your profile. When you’ve implemented the necessary precautions via a traffic control system, you reduce the risk of accidents, thus ensuring your reputation with insurance companies remains intact. Furthermore, workers on the site feel protected and can carry out their duties with confidence.

Related Services We Provide to Traffic Management Services

The Sydney traffic control workers we provide are extremely professional and have vast experience. Since they’re contractors, they have worked with several other projects and provide exceptional service. They are always punctual and aware of all surroundings when controlling traffic. Safety is of utmost importance, so they will implement detours to support cautiousness when escorting civilians through a construction site. Apart from providing this essential cog in the construction machine, there is a list of other services you can expect.

  • Companies from various industries require contract workers to assist when work becomes too much for their current staff. We’ll supply experienced and reliable general workers who have the necessary skills and knowledge to assist in completing your work timeously. Of course, we pre-screen every worker and only select those who demonstrate qualities of productivity, passion, and reliability. You don’t need to be concerned about the quality of the contract worker you’re hiring.

  • Skilled workers are rare to find. We follow a rigorous process to recruit highly skilled individuals for all types of projects. All our skilled labourers have at least two years of experience with construction. They can easily direct and control any task, eliminating the need for your continuous guidance. As a result, you’re free to address other issues relating to your work. We monitor their performance through weekly feedback sessions with the client and the labourer.

  • Construction equipment is a considerable investment for businesses, and as such, they must be used appropriately. We’ll supply a licensed machine operator that can handle any equipment such as cranes, forklifts, manitous, scissor lifts, EWP, and excavators. Thanks to their vast experience with the equipment, it reduces the risk of an accident on site saving you money on external insurance costs.

Our labourers are ticketed and certified to work within specific limitations, skilled practice, and safety environments. Some of the ticketed work they’re capable of conducting is working at heights, confined spaces, and working with asbestos. There are workers specific to various trades, such as plumbers, electricians, and carpenters, to name a few.

About AT Labour Hire

We established our business after considering the time companies spend searching for labourers. We decided to take on the process ourselves, recruiting only the best, and making them available for several industries. Our services are available around the clock, and we strive to meet your requirements the day after you make your request. To simplify the process, we take care of the employee benefits and entitlements so you can focus on the job ahead. You will deal directly with the owner and after that a dedicated project manager for your peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of the work completed. We regularly reward, recognise, and acknowledge the work of our staff to ensure quality and precision is maintained. If you’re looking for general or skilled labourers or require traffic controllers, then contact one of the more reputable traffic management companies in Sydney. 

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